Thursday, March 24, 2011

And on...and on...and on...and on...and o

I’m back! I’m sure you’re all excited. ;)

There have been several instances (understatement) in the last month when I wanted to jump on here and write a new post, but I was hoping to make some progress before I committed anything else to screen.

I haven’t yet...but I’m trying. 

To update you I have been checking amazon religiously, as well as ebay and other such sites. I have also been typing Garfield dollhouse into google and crossing my fingers.
The only turnout thus far comes from amazon. Sickeningly their Garfield is now priced around three hundred fifty pounds. Forty shipping. Heave. 

So about a week ago, in a last ditch attempt to find an English seller, I posed the question through my brothers google account in a public forum. Of course I’m not doubting this blogs ability to get the word out, however with a mere fifty eight views, let’s say, it hasn’t quite attained the coverage I’m looking for. 

I'm waiting patiently, but if nothing comes of it I might be forced to buy in America and reimburse a family friend for shipping fees. :(

On to lighter things!

You may have taken a guess at the meaning behind the http:// little dust clouds. Well I’ve decided to elaborate on that, to see if you’ve figured it out. (Nail biting stuff, this.)

Two things. Firstly, if you’ve skimmed my bio, you may have registered I am a dust magnet. I move a lot, both local and intercontinental travel involved (anyone here from California?) but no matter where in the world I go, poof, (pun) dust.  

And if you’ve ever dealt with dust, you’ll know it’s easier to remove spit from the ocean. Pardon the visual.

Second. I draw your attention towards dust number two. A different dust. Job site dust. 

My extended family is made up of builders. I was about to give my: little ones, big ones, fat ones, thin ones, but depending on who reads this, that could be offensive. 
 Instead I'll say Uncles, near Uncles, my Grandfather and possibly a few others, all of whom live in their own renovations or creations (I may be squatting in one of them). 

And possibly their least appealing quality is that they are, all of them, always covered in dust. Their is grime in their wrinkles, dirt in their clothes, grit between their toes, (that's a guess, I'm not checking). There is sand under their fingernails, chalk thickens their hair, cement dries to and dries out their skin. It’s horrible. (Ironic that this project puts me in a similar field to them). But I digress. 

My point is, when I think of a work site I think of giant ugly dust clouds; chalk that flies and makes you cough.
And as I am (almost) building my own property, miniature property—you might see where I’m leading now—I imagine it surrounded by… can you guess? Little dust clouds.

Cuter ones. Less hazardous. 

I had said I would discuss possible periods in this post as well as a possible name, but shockingly my words have gotten away from me, so I’ll save that for another time.

I hope this post is meaty enough to appease my TWO gallant followers (a nod to you, Sans. This is how armies are formed.)   

And just to whet your appetite for next time, here is a clue towards the impending theme:

I will NOT be ending this post with a jesting last line like its predecessors. And I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, because I am not myself you see.

Anything? Anything? My God they’re on the edge of their seats. Damn! That was jesting ;)

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