Monday, March 07, 2011

The Search Continues...

Have you ever watched a TV show or movie in which the main character is trying to avoid a certain thought, or perhaps it is simply on his mind. Let’s use…bears, as an example. 

He flips on the television and, go figure, he left it on animal planet, which is now tracking the hibernation of a grizzly. He changes the channel and would you believe it’s the new Yogi bear trailer. One more time before turning it off and bless, it’s Winnie the Pooh. And you think (at least I do): oh very good, how realistic. 
But I get it now. 

In reality it isn’t quite that obvious. But I've found in the last week that when you have something on the brain it does seem to pop up a lot more than usual, simply, I've decided, because your subconscious is on the lookout for it.

That is my long winded way of saying I’ve seen a lot of dollhouses this week. 

The ad with the puppy, which I’ve decided is selling house insurance, seems to be on every channel. There’s a new commercial out which is literally pushing a dollhouse catalogue. 
It’s in the magazine I read at the dentist; Amazon is trying to sell me the Dollhouse box-set. It was even on Trueblood. Sookie destroyed it with a shot gun, which humorously was very distressing to me.

Add that to the number of blogs I’ve read on the topic and it's equivalent to...I don't know. Something large. The number of zero's involved in how much this project is going to cost me. Hopefully I'm exaggerating.  

I still haven’t found a Garfield in my price range, and part of me wondered if I shouldn't have started this blog after the purchase, but I quickly sent that part packing. I decided she was a blonder version of me; one who is probably in Bermuda by now. 

Dollhouses are expensive. They’re not gold mines (though it could be argued that they're priceless on the sentimental market) but they do cost a nice chunk of change, and I feel it is important to catalogue the forethought as much as the actual building process.

So if they don't hit me up with restraining orders for harassment (totally kidding) I will be bugging/begging any Garfield veteran I can find for advice. Even advice on where to get advice would be invaluable. 

But until responses come through that is all behind the scenes stuff. So next time I’ll be focusing on more ambiguous quandaries, like themes and origins that can act an inspirations, as well as styles and possible period settings that come into play. 
And most importantly, pressingly, a name that doesn’t remind me of orange fur, and lasagna.  


  1. Could this be the 1st comment on your blog? Yay! It is! Even if I am not your very 1st gallant follower.

    Your posts reminded me so much of my own when I first started . Dec 2008, before owning any dollhouses and deliberating which one to buy. I also had a problem with the shipping cost. But of course, a few months after I started the blog, 4 houses landed on my lap. Lucky me :):)

    I have enjoyed reading your posts very much, Amy and I hope to read a lot more of your journey with the Garfield.

  2. Ha that's brilliant! Thank you for commenting :D You just made my day!