Friday, March 04, 2011

Meet The Garfield

I was racking my brain earlier, (brains? Brain.) trying to decide exactly where to start. Not only am I new to dollhouses; I'm new to blogging, which puts me in unfamiliar territory. So like a good investigator, a title I give myself, I perused a few other blogs, related and non, and incredibly they all lead off from something of a similar place. The beginning. I was shocked too.

And while I can't show you the sparking advert of the little lab knocking the roof off a dollhouse then sticking his head out the top (I couldn't find it on youtube), I can show you the first picture that caught my eye when my invasion of the internet took form. The picture I inevitably doubled back to when nothing else was quite as enticing...or big.
So to begin, officially, this is that picture. (Or one of several copies of it.)
This is the Garfield.

...And this is the Garfield's butt.


What a butt.

But don't let this feisty dialogue fool you. Part two is the real kicker. That would be the actual purchase. Somewhat important.

Problem is I've been scouring the web for weeks now in hunt of a good deal and I might possibly be at a stand still. Insert cliched quote to Huston. Money is tight these days for everyone, but you'd be surprised by the number of places that are selling it cheap, even shipping it cheap. What they're not doing is shipping it internationally for anything less than all the treasure from the Pirates trilogy, plus a million dollars. And a first born son (or daughter. They don't discriminate). 

There was a brilliant deal on for a while which didn't involve human trafficking ;) but it climbed in price from around one-fifty to something like three hundred pounds before I had the chance to swiper the sucker. Anyone here watch Dora? Side note, for the serious adults: That was before shipping (and possibly tax. I couldn't say).

So I continue the search for a seller in England. Again, at relatively low cost. Until such a deal can be struck, and since I currently have all of one gallant followers, I resort to stalking other dollhouse bloggers, on the lookout for potential contacts and pertinent information. 

But before I sign off on what will be the first of many long, sometimes rambley posts, as I'm sure that that one follower will be desperately lost in my absence, I suggest another hobby to fill the void. A second language perhaps? Maybe Russian.

Picture me smiling, and do svidaniya.

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